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About Us

About Us

With three locations, learn more about Mountain States Insurance Group and our long history of excellence

Begun in a small, rural town in 1917, Mountain States Insurance Group takes great pride in the near century of outstanding risk management services.  Built upon a foundation of neighborly relationships and unmatched dedication to our clientele, our team continues to build this tradition recognized throughout northern Utah and southern Idaho.

Our History

In 1970, the original company traded hands, working with Continental Agency and later, Bailey, Martin & Fay—a national independent insurance agency.  Later on in 1982, Mountain States Insurance Group purchased the Continental Agency from Bailey, Martin, & Fay to open its first office in Grace, Idaho.  For two decades, the agency continued to prove its reputation of excellence to customers throughout Caribou County.

2002 brought the purchase of a new branch in Malad City, Idaho to expand the areas we have the privilege of serving.  A few years later, the agency moved south to also serve our neighbors in the Smithfield and Logan, Utah areas. 

With three locations in Smithfield, UT, Soda Springs, ID, and Malad City, ID, each agency is both closely connected to one another and grounded in our beloved hometowns.  Our expansion over the years does not come at the cost of quality, but rather, the desire to serve new communities with insurance products that keep them safe, secure towns to thrive in.  We will worry about the various risks that may arise over the years so that ultimately, you can focus on living your life.

Dedication to You

A key ingredient present throughout Mountain States Insurance Group's history is our status as an Independent Insurance Agency (IIA).  This translates to bottom line, our focus is totally on the customer's satisfaction—we hold the freedom to serve your best interests, not the insurance carriers.  With a diverse catalog of carriers and products to shop, we will design the coverage that best combines quality with affordable cost, ensuring that your relationship with our agency is successful for years to come.

Another goal of the agency is honest, transparent, and strategic communication with every client.  Insurance can be a difficult topic to understand, but in keeping education at the forefront of our customer service, our team makes sure that you always know what is going on with your coverage.  Further, we never allow your policy to sit stagnant and gather dust—through careful attention, we make sure that as time goes by, your insurance is actively monitored for possible coverage updates and better yet, reduced prices and discounts.

The best way to learn more is to find out for yourself.  We are always ready and excited to discuss our agency with the customers that have made it a success for almost a century.  Feel free to call the office nearest you or contact us online to get more details.

Our Products

Another advantage found at Mountain States Insurance Group is our wide array of different products and carriers so that you find the coverage you need, especially when you cannot find it anywhere else.  The independent advantage allows us to pinpoint very specific and unique coverage options, as well as certain niches in general policies.  Insurance is not a one-size-fits-all purchase and with our team, you will always  know that your product is tailored specially to you.

Personal lines customers are totally covered through our homeowners and car insurance programs, allowing them the peace of mind they seek through insurance.  While these are common products, our coverage is anything but that.  We will take the time to know your story and design a policy as unique as each individual and family we serve.

Though the future is unclear, many clients find solace in proactive consideration of what may lay ahead.  Our health insurance program is honest and reliable, with our ultimate concern being your overall well-being.  When writing life insurance, we only apply the appropriate care that this type of product requires.  Since 1917, our wealth of experience and professionalism is indespensable in looking ahead.

From Malad City and Soda Springs to our Utah neighbors throughout Smithfield and Logan, Mountain States Insurance Group has great respect for the business communities that make these and surrounding towns excellent places to live.  As a small business ourselves with an extensive history, we know how to properly care for your operation through business insurance

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